Naya Jahan


Naya Jahan (15Oct2023)


Dear St. Marian Class of 1983,

Our journey together began in the classrooms of St. Mary’s High School back in 1970s. The bonds we built during those formative years form the bedrock of our everlasting friendship.

Our WhatsApp group brought us together and our dear friends Ehtesham, Humayun, Adeel, and Emad arranged such wonderful get-togethers. Now, Adnan, Maserati, and I invite you all to be a part of something truly extraordinary – the “Naya Jahan” project.

Naya Jahan is our vision, – a collective endeavor that draws upon the wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise that each one of us accumulated over the years. It is an opportunity to unite ourselves on one platform. It will not only serve our interests but also enrich the lives of those around us.

Together, we possess the power to create a legacy that transcends generations. “Naya Jahan” is not just a project; it will be a testament to our enduring friendship.

We invite you to join us and materialize this vision. Together, we can shape a future that resonates with purpose, accomplishment, and the enduring bonds of our friendship.

Here are its details >>

Collaborate to work together

Here is a suggestion for how we, as time-tested old St. Marians can unite to transform our lives. We can collaborate our resources and work together for mutual gain, for our next generation and for the benefit of the people around us.


Here is How..

In Pakistan, the living conditions are stumbling and our future is bleak. Whereas, Italy is inviting new settlers to relocate, purchase property for as low as one euro (€01) only, and start new businesses. Even higher education in Italy for our children can be free. If we plan our backup strategy well, then in time, as a group we can collaborate to make Italy our second home.

Our possibilities can be boundless – from revitalizing historical properties to creating export houses, establishing charming Bed-&-Breakfasts, crafting authentic restaurants, to pioneering agri-based enterprises. “Naya Jahan” is a tapestry woven with our individual talents, dreams, and aspirations, all united in a shared vision of prosperity and community-building.

We should hone our skills together. For example, I, Azeem Khan will collaborate to help the group with my presence in Italy; my immigration knowledge, and my business and digital nomadic acumen. Our friend Adnan Khaliq can share his furniture manufacturing skills, his family can use their Interior decoration experience, or Adeel can help set up B&Bs and his food business. Likewise, those of us who are doctors (like Abbaas), engineers (Qaiser), and scientists (like Khalid Mansoor), all can share their best expertise in one way or another to collaborate in a mutually beneficial manner.

Our collaboration can be in the export business (exporting agri-based products like Olives) or manufacturing or retail. It can even be in tourism in Italy. It will be our legacy and an ongoing business for all our children and the next generations. The Southern region of Italy is inviting such thinkers, a collaborative effort will certainly bring prosperity to our group and enable us to live progressively in all the Schengen countries as dual citizens.


It will be wonderful to see such an ambitious project going live. Here are some steps you can take to make our project ‘Naya Jahan’ a reality:

What we need to do

Define Roles and Expertise: Identify the specific skills, experiences, and resources that each member brings to the table. Clearly define roles and responsibilities for each member based on their strengths and expertise.

Business Planning and Research: Conduct thorough market research about Italy to identify potential industries or sectors that align with our group’s expertise and interests. Consider factors like demand, competition, and potential profitability.

Legal Structure and Agreements: Decide on the legal structure of your venture (e.g., partnership, corporation, LLC) and draft formal agreements outlining each member’s rights, responsibilities, and ownership stakes. Our Advocate Muhammad Ali can facilitate this.

Business Model and Revenue Streams: Determine how your venture will generate revenue. This could include manufacturing, exporting, retail, tourism, or a combination of these. Explore various business models and choose the one that best fits our goals. Faizi, Adnan Jalil, Adeel can help.

Location and Market Selection: Based on your interests and expertise, we can choose a suitable location for our venture. For now, we can use Azeem Khan’s residence in Sicily which will serve as a registered business address in Italy. Since you’re considering settling down in Italy, explore the potential industries and export opportunities in the Schengen region and Asia.

Immigration and Legal Considerations: Leverage Azeem Khan’s immigration knowledge to navigate the legal requirements for starting a business and obtaining the necessary permits or visas for our group members.

Collaborative Projects: Develop specific projects or ventures within ‘Naya Jahan’ that leverage the collective expertise of your group. For example, Adnan Khaliq’s furniture manufacturing skills could be integrated with Adeel’s B&B setup to offer unique hospitality experiences. While Raees can integrate I.T. into our work, and Humayun has knowledge of property and renovation.

Marketing and Branding: Maserati’s sales experience can help us create a strong brand identity for ‘Naya Jahan’ that reflects our group’s values and vision. Develop marketing strategies to promote your products or services.

Education and Skill Development: Raees can offer training within the group to enhance skills and expertise, ensuring continuous growth and innovation.

Long-Term Sustainability and Succession Planning: Establish a clear plan for the long-term sustainability of ‘Naya Jahan’, including strategies for passing down the business to the next generation.

Community Engagement: Engage with the local community in Italy, potentially through initiatives that contribute positively to the region, thus building strong relationships and goodwill.

Our open communication and shared vision will be crucial to the success of ‘Naya Jahan’. Regular meetings and updates will help keep everyone aligned and motivated toward our goals.


Here are some modalities and steps you can take to get ‘Naya Jahan’ off the ground:

Digital ConnectivityCreate a WhatsApp Group: Set up a WhatsApp group named ‘Naya Jahan’ where all members can communicate, share updates, and collaborate easily.

Establish a Website: Create a professional website for ‘Naya Jahan’ that showcases your vision, goals, and the expertise of your group members. This can serve as a platform for potential partners, investors, and customers to learn about your project.

Common Email Addresses: Consider setting up shared email addresses (e.g., for official communications and inquiries related to ‘Naya Jahan’.

Engagement with Italian EmbassySchedule a Meeting: Reach out to the Italian Embassy to schedule a meeting where you can present your project, share your vision, and discuss any potential support or resources they may offer.

Prepare a Comprehensive Presentation: Provide a detailed profile of ‘Naya Jahan’, including resumes of all participants, the project’s purpose, goals, milestones, and timeframes.

Legal IncorporationChoose Legal Structure: Decide on the legal structure of ‘Naya Jahan’ (e.g., partnership, corporation, LLC) and initiate the incorporation process.

Shareholder Agreements: Draft formal shareholder agreements that outline the rights, responsibilities, and ownership stakes of each participant.

Purpose: Clearly define the purpose of ‘Naya Jahan’, emphasizing its mission to harness the collective expertise of the group for mutual gain and benefit to the community.

Goals and Milestones: Establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for ‘Naya Jahan’. Break these down into actionable milestones to track progress.

Maintain Detailed Records: Keep comprehensive records of meetings, decisions, agreements, and financial transactions related to ‘Naya Jahan’. Establish a reporting system to keep all members informed of progress, challenges, and achievements.

Explore Potential Collaborations: Identify potential partners, suppliers, and customers who align with ‘Naya Jahan’s goals and values. Participate in relevant conferences, trade shows, and networking events to establish connections and gain insights.


Here are some suggested web pages for your ‘’ website:

Home Page: A brief introduction to ‘Naya Jahan’ and its mission. Eye-catching visuals representing the essence of the project. Highlights of recent achievements or milestones.

Overview: Detailed information about ‘Naya Jahan’, its history, and the vision behind it.

Mission and Values: Clear articulation of the project’s goals and the values that guide your group.

Our TeamIndividual Profiles: Dedicated pages for each participant with their photo, bio, expertise, and role in ‘Naya Jahan’.

Group Photo: A collective image of the team, highlighting your longstanding friendship.

What We DoDescription of the specific industries or sectors your group is involved in (e.g., manufacturing, export, tourism, etc.).

We should also showcase some key projects or initiatives.

Activities for Children: Fun and educational activities designed for children, potentially linked to the project’s objectives.

Ceremonies and Celebrations: Details about any special events, ceremonies, or celebrations hosted by ‘Naya Jahan’.

Library: Resourceful content, including articles, guides, and reports related to your industry or areas of expertise.

Useful Links: Links to external resources, industry associations, and organizations that align with ‘Naya Jahan’s mission.

Vision and Strategy: Detailed information on your long-term vision, strategies for growth, and how you plan to achieve your goals.

How We Operate: Insights into the internal workings of ‘Naya Jahan’, including decision-making processes and collaboration methods.

Birthday Dates: A calendar displaying the birthday dates of the participants, celebrating the personal connections within the group.

Contact Us: An interactive form for inquiries or feedback.

Email Addresses and Phone Numbers: Contact details for key members of ‘Naya Jahan’.


Draft letter to the Italian Embassy

Here is a proposed draft letter to the Embassy of Italy in Islamabad Pakistan elaborating our Project Naya Jahan and it’s desire to purchase €01 properties and other properties and convert them into businesses like export houses, B&Bs, restaurants, etc. also express out plans to setup agri-based businesses in Italy.


Subject: Proposal for Project “Naya Jahan” and Investment in Italy

Dear Honorable Ambassador,

We write to express our sincere interest in exploring investment opportunities in Italy and to introduce our project, “Naya Jahan” (New Horizon).

“Naya Jahan” is a collaborative venture involving a group of long-standing friends from St. Mary’s High School, Peshawar, Pakistan, from the class of 1983. With a collective wealth of knowledge and expertise in various fields, we aim to pool our resources and embark on ventures that not only benefit us but also contribute positively to the local communities in Italy.

Our vision for “Naya Jahan” encompasses a diverse range of business activities, including the acquisition of historical properties such as €01 properties, which we plan to convert into thriving enterprises. These properties will serve as bases for export businesses, boutique bed & breakfast establishments, and authentic Italian restaurants, thereby contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the regions we choose to operate in.

Furthermore, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of establishing agri-based businesses in Italy, leveraging our expertise and experiences in this sector to cultivate sustainable agricultural practices and promote economic growth in the regions where we operate.

Recognizing the significance of Italy as a beacon of culture, history, and business acumen, we believe that our collaborative efforts hold great potential for mutual benefit. We are eager to contribute to the continued prosperity and cultural vibrancy of Italy while establishing a legacy for our next generation.

We kindly request an appointment with your office to discuss our project in greater detail. We are eager to explore areas where our endeavors can be aligned with the priorities and interests of the Italian government and to identify potential avenues for improvement and collaboration.


Please feel free to contact us via phone or email to schedule a suitable time for this meeting. We greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to the opportunity to share our vision with you. We thank you for your time and attention.

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